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When can I expect to see results with Invisalign?

27 March 2018

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment used as a more comfortable and more hygienic alternative to traditional metal braces. The process requires a series of removable, near-invisible aligners that slowly and gently move your teeth into the desired position.  Although Invisalign is aesthetically different to metal braces, the treatment time is comparable.

How long does Invisalign treatment take to complete?

As Dr Charles Lister explains, the time taken to complete orthodontic teeth alignment treatment using Invisalign all depends on the complexity of each patient’s individual case.

The most common treatment time is usually between 6—9 months, yet some Invisalign treatments may require 12—15 months. In more severe cases, treatment can be expected to require up to 18 months for completion.

How long before I will start to see results?

One of the many benefits of Invisalign is that patients can begin to see results in real time. Before treatment begins, your orthodontist will use advanced 3D computer-imaging technology to produce a custom-made treatment plan. You will be able to look back at this plan throughout the course of treatment and witness how your smile is progressing with every new aligner.

Although on average it can take anywhere from 6-12 months for completion, it is possible that you may start to see results during the first two weeks. Invisalign, much like traditional braces, will straighten your teeth very gradually, so you may not notice a dramatic difference overnight.

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