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Why Choose Finest Dental

Why Choose Finest Dental?

Finest Dental is one of the leading brands in the dentistry world. Our outstanding team have years of experience in a variety of dental treatments and are dedicated to providing the best service possible every single time. All of our dentists are registered with the GDC and are exceptionally skilled in what they do. At Finest Dental, you will be supported from the moment you set foot into a practise through to the after-care process of your plan and will always feel 100% confident in the treatment you choose. Our Finest Dental in-house laboratory is home to some of the most innovative, industry-leading dentistry equipment available such as Nobel Biocare. Our quality guarantee is second to none and is reflected in our overwhelmingly positive 92% customer satisfaction rating.

Finest Dental has been featured in numerous publications, such as The Guardian, London Evening Standard, Metro, OK Magazine and the Daily Mail.


"Very happy with service provided by Finest Dental Leicester. Pedro the dentist is very good and I would recommend him to others."

M Khan


"I am super happy with the service received in Birmingham practise. Comfortable environment, professional staff. Amrit and Sibley communicate efficiency, Polly is made me at ease very quickly."

Gary Eccleston


"Very friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Dentists are very understanding and helpful. I look forward to my appointments.”

Fariha Bukhari

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