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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is routinely carried out on patients under a local anaesthetic. Although the treatment tends to come with a fairly bad reputation, it should in fact be relatively painless. Typically the root canal treatment feels just like having a filling fitted, although after the treatment is completed and the anaesthetic has worn off, patients may experience some sensitivity around the tooth, making it hard to eat and sometimes speak.

Why have a root canal treatment?

  • Root canal treatment is carried out to preserve a dead tooth and prevent extraction and more serious infection.
  • Failure to undergo the procedure can lead to complications and bigger problems arising
  • Typically dental surgeons won’t recommend root canal treatment unless it’s absolutely necessary

Although root canal treatment may have caused your tooth to turn black in the past, new technology and methods mean that any discolouration caused by the treatment can be rectified. Dentists are now able to restore the appearance of your tooth promptly, so don’t be put off the idea of a root canal because any discolouration caused can be remedied.


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